"Having had disappointing swimming lessons with a different company, we immediately saw an improvement in the skills my son learned with Sam, his teacher at GBS Swim School at St Joseph’s.

There is a clear structure to lessons and although we’ve only been attending for one term, my son has progressed far quicker than previously. Both the teachers and assistants are trained to the highest standard and clearly very experienced.

Not only are they good at teaching, they’re good at teaching children. Sandra is highly organised and always available to speak to at the lessons too; her communication about lessons and payment is exemplary."

- Alison Payne

"All of our children, one boy and two girls, benefited enormously from the excellent teaching at GBS Swim School.

They started at a young age and quickly gained confidence in the water. And because they enjoyed their lessons so much they soon became safe and accomplished swimmers.

During the summer crash courses their skills and techniques visibly improved in a matter of days.

As they got older the emphasis changed from teaching to coaching. The stamina classes increased their endurance and by the time they left the school they had all reached a very high swimming standard.

The benefit of this confidence and fitness is with them still today and I have no hesitation in recommending the effectiveness and professionalism of this fantastic swim school to any parent."

- Dr H Hepburne-Scott

"Our girls have collectively spent over 10 years swimming with GBS. The youngest started with the parent and toddler classes and the eldest ones now stamina swim once a week.

They are not only accomplished swimmers but are confident in the water and can dive, scull and tread water effectively.

The GBS teachers at all levels are supportive and kind whilst challenging each child to progress and continue to develop whether it be the distance they can swim or the technique of each stroke.

We highly recommend Sandra and her GBS team and the quality of the teaching they all provide and I have referred many friends to the swim school over the years."

- Sara Sarai

"Over a period of 7+ years my three children have all attended GBS swim school; they have made fantastic progress throughout. The initial focus was on getting the basics in place and they then subsequently improved tremendously in terms of both technique and stamina. Sandra puts a huge amount of effort and thought into making sure children are put into an appropriate group, taking ability, stamina, the child’s temperament/confidence and age into account, ensuring that the potential for progress is maximised. On a more personal note I’ve always been impressed by Sandra approach – and that of her team - in dealing with children who are initially reluctant to enter the pool or are perhaps just suffering from an occasional blip in their confidence. She is always at pains to talk to the child (not just the parent) to get the bottom of the issue and to ensure it is resolved appropriately and efficiently. My children have really enjoyed their lessons and I have no hesitation in recommending GBS to any parent looking for a Swim School for their child."

- Caroline Windley

"Sandra and her team have been amazing with my children. She has been teaching them for 10 years, and I would not take them anywhere else. Sandra and her staff are like a family, and my children have moved from strength to strength.?Sandra gets to know every student and parent well and ensures the right class and teacher based on individual need. She has gone above and beyond providing extra support and teaching exactly where needed. She has nurtured one child of mine from struggling to progress right through to qualifying as a gold medallion life saver, and another up to the level to join a competitive club. My youngest is also achieving well.

Sandra is a perceptive teacher with a real passion to ensure every child can swim well. Cannot recommend highly enough!"

- Annette Barnett

"Outstanding swimming lessons, very professional teachers who are extremely knowledgeable and strive to ensure your child receives the highest standard of teaching. My two sons have made significant and noticeable progress in one term compared to a year in their old swimming school. I couldn't rate the swim school and teachers more highly."

- Sam Pedder

"Outstanding swim school - both my girls have made significant progress in a short period of time and love their lessons. As a swimmer myself, I am particularly impressed by the excellent technique they are being taught and full of admiration!"

- Stephanie Neale

"I'm absolutely amazed with the support and guidance given by the staff of GBS swim school. Sandra very well assesses kids’ abilities and gives them the required support.

She managed to juggle around and accommodate both my kids(with varied skillset and age group) in back to back slots based on my request, which I really appreciate.

I'm extremely pleased with how my daughter has gained confidence with her breaststroke within a few lessons, it couldn’t have been done without the right guidance and coaching.

Started with GBS as we moved into Reading area, I'm very pleased with the outcome and glad I made that choice

Incredible swim school, would definitely recommend !!"

- Rajini Manu

"I cannot speak highly enough of the staff at GBS Swim school. They have turned my water fearing child into a confident swimmer, who now looks forward to his swimming lessons. Highly recommended - easily the best swimming school in the area"

- Louise Peksa

"Fantastic swim school with teachers who are passionate about swimming and truly engage with children to develop their skills. I have 5 children and swimming lessons had always been a bit of a nightmare. Sandra was incredibly understanding and accommodating to our needs as a family. I especially like the way that the teachers interact with the children to really help them to understand how to improve their swim strokes. The class sizes are also small which helps to give each child opportunity to do plenty of practice. I cannot give them praise enough."

- Laura Tapp

"The quality of teaching my children have received has been outstanding; the consistent focus on technique as they move through the levels is producing impressive swimmers! The teachers are real experts, very encouraging and make the lessons enjoyable. Having tried swimming lessons elsewhere, the difference in the standard of teaching and the quality of my children’s swimming has been significant."

- Alison

"We joined GBS Swim School on recommendation and I'm so glad we did!

Both our children started just before they were 5 and progressed through all the stages, onto stamina and finally lifesaving. All the teachers are brilliant with infinite patience and when our son refused to get in the water as he'd had a bad dream, Sandra sat and talked to him until he realised there was nothing to be frightened of and he hasn't looked back. Both have made some good friends and have amazing swimming skills.

I would recommend GBS to anyone wanting their child to learn to swim in a safe, friendly and caring environment with good pupil to teacher ratio."

- Helen Linge

"Our children have learned to love swimming through GBS Swim School, which has given them a skill for life and a real passion for swimming. I feel the experienced teachers have helped them grow in self-confidence and ability, which has opened up opportunities to use their skills both within and outside of school, and would thoroughly recommend GBS Swim School."

- Mr D S Reid

"Sandra runs an extremely professional swim school. She sets extremely high standards and ensures that her meticulous attention to technical detail is adopted by all her teachers.

As result my children now have fantastic swimming technique, are extremely capable swimmers and importantly have enjoyed developing their swimming with GBS.

I recommend GBS swim school without reservation."

- Anne Oke, Secondary PE Teacher

"I have been very impressed with the quality of teaching our sons have received since starting swimming with GBS three months ago. Both boys have shown a noticeable improvement in their stroke techniques and have developed a good rapport with their teachers. I have been especially impressed with Sandra's ability to identify the right class for both of our boys, according to their individual needs, and this helps to ensure that the teaching closely matches what they need to focus on to progress further."

- Hannah Selman, Primary School Teacher

"We were introduced to GBS Swim School via the most reliable network - other Mums! My children were 4 and 6 years old when they started and took quickly to the lessons, moving up through the different stages finishing up at fitness swimming, at the ages of 16 and 14. The only reason we left is because we moved abroad. They are both excellent swimmers, happy, confident and safe in the water and I recommend Sandra and the team at GBS Swim School without hesitation."

- Amy Battle

"This is our second year at GBS. My children are 4 and 7 this spring. They have taken the classes last few terms and I'm amazed at how quickly they've picked up new skills.

The instructors take the time to make the kids comfortable before they start any of the skill work. I think it makes all the difference. So much so that it tempted me and my husband to enroll for Adult classes. My daughter's teachers are wonderful, Mari my teacher is super awesome. All have been very knowledgeable and professional, and we have seen girls and us having our swimming skills advance tremendously. Everyone is very friendly and you can tell they care about their students. We are happy with all that she's learning.

Whenever I've emailed with questions, Sandra responds promptly so the customer service element is just one more bonus to an excellent program. I heartily recommend GBS to all of our friends and most have them have started now, so much so like 5-6 families in my circle and they all have same feedback. Thanks for the fantastic program and for the wonderful instructors!"

- Sarika R Gautam

"Five-years ago, a friend recommended GBS Swim School to us for our daughter, then aged 4, who was failing to make progress at another local swim school. It took Sandra Bond and her team no time at all to give our daughter the confidence she had been lacking, and she's not looked back since! GBS Swim School offers small classes with qualified, knowledgeable teachers. There's an emphasis on developing proper technique at all stages, and pupils are kept engaged and active in the water during lessons. The team members are professional, friendly, patient, know how to relate to children, and genuinely care about teaching them to swim. All children are treated as individuals and encouraged to move at their own pace as they progress from learners to competent swimmers and beyond. It has been a pleasure to watch our daughter grow in confidence and ability since she joined GBS Swim School, and we do not hesitate to recommend Sandra and her team."

- Victoria Kitchener

"A friend told me about GBS Swim School as her daughter swam there. Sandra was friendly and welcoming, my son was assessed and settled in immediately. I was amazed how quickly he improved, he loves swimming and was making more progress than he had in several years at another swim school. He is now doing stamina swimming and looks forward to it each week. I would recommend GBS Swim School unreservedly and am very glad we found them."

- Zahra Colwill

"I have 3 children who have been taught for a number of years at GBS Swim School. They have all benefitted enormously from the time, skill and patience of the teachers who have known exactly how to encourage my children and get the best out of them. My children have all developed excellent swimming technique whilst simultaneously found a love for the sport. I would recommend GBS Swim School most highly."

- Sanjiv Raheja

"Our girls have made great progress after just one term with GBS swim school. They have both improved in confidence and technique and love their lessons"

Emma Formoy

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